Trees Poem NCERT Solutions Class 7 Lesson 5

Trees Poem

NCERT Solutions Class 7 English – Lesson 5 Trees Poem

Trees Poem class 7

Working with poetry Trees Poem

Question 1. What are the game or human activities in which trees are used or in which trees also participate?

Answer: Game or human activities that use trees or in which trees also participate:

Trees are used by children to hide when playing hide and seek.
Children build tree houses to play.
Adults have a tea party under the shade of trees.
Adults also use them as a scene to paint.

Question 2: (i) “Trees do not make any shade in winter”. What does it mean? (Compare this line to the line just before it.)

(ii) “Trees are for growing apples or pears.” Do you agree that one of the purposes of the tree is to plant fruit on it? Or do you think this line is fun?

Answer: (i) Trees provide shade in the scorching heat. During the winter, the trees shed their leaves as people enjoy the sun during the winter. Therefore, trees do not have to create any shade in winter.

(ii) Yes, I believe that the fruit of the tree and also has a purpose of eating. Humans get many food items from trees.

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Question 3: With the help of your partner, try to rewrite a few lines in the poem, or add your new lines, as given in the following examples.

Trees are meant to make birds’ nests.

Trees are for people to sit.

Now try to write such a poem about water or air.

Answer: Air is for people to breathe.

The wind is for the kites to fly high in the sky.

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Tree poem in English

I think I’ll never see
A poem is lovely as a tree.

One tree per hungry face
In front of the sweet flowing breast of the earth;

A tree that looks at God all day long,
And raises her leafy hands to pray;

A tree that can wear in summer
The robbers build a nest in his hair;

On top of the tree is a layer of ice
Which intensifies with rainfall.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

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