The shed Poem

The shed Poem

The shed Poem NCERT Solutions Class 7th English – Unit 3

Working with poetry

The shed Poem Answer the following questions:

Questions 1. The shed Poem

(I). Who is the speaker in the poem?

Answer: The speaker of the poem is a poet.

(ii). Is she afraid or curious, or is it both?

Answer: He is both, as well as curious. He is eager to enter the shed and at the same time, he feels someone staring at him.

(iii). What does she plan to do soon?

Answer: He planned to open the door someday and enter the shed.

(iv): “But not yet …” reveals doubt, fear, hesitation, laziness, or anything. Choose the word that suits you. Tell others why you chose it.

Answer: I think “but not yet …” suggests hesitation. This indicates that the speaker wants to take some more time to ascertain his thoughts about the shed.

He is currently afraid that someone stares at him and at the same time he also thinks that his brother is saying that a ‘ghost’ is just a lie. Therefore, he is hesitant to take any other steps for now.

The shed Poem Class 7 questions and answers

Question 2: Is there a house in your house or in your neighborhood/area where you do not go alone, and never at night? If there is such a place and a story to go with it, let others hear about it.

Answer: Yes, there is a room in my house where I do not go alone nor at night. That room is the storeroom in the backyard. We keep things that are not currently in use.

We rarely open that room and I am afraid to go there alone. Once I went there alone and the electricity was cut off. I screamed out of fear and started trembling. I also heard some noise, which scared me even more.

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Due to my scream, members of my family calmed me by going to the storeroom. After some time, Shakti returned. Then, we saw a rat roaming around and I understood where the noise was coming from. But I still feel very afraid to go alone, especially at night.

The shed Poem Class 7 MCQ

Question 1: The shed Poem

What is the position of the window described in the poem?

(A) It is sparkling with its new glass pan

(b) Its three panes are torn

(c) All its faces are broken

(d) Children playing cricket have broken the window completely


(B) Its three mirrors are torn.

Question 2:

Why does the poet want to peek through the window?

(A) ghost sighting

(B) to steal something

(C) To know whether someone is staring at him or not

(D) to see his brother and his friends


(C) To know whether someone is staring at him or not.

Question 3:

What does the poet feel by peeping through the window?

(a) The poet is emotional

(B) the poet is careless

(c) The poet has a lot of time

(d) The poet is curious


(d) The poet is curious.

The Shed Poem Class 7 extra questions and answers

Question 4:

Does the poet get scared at the thought of peeping through the window?


No, the poet is not afraid at all. It is his own bold decision.

Question 5:

Whom does the poet’s brother see according to the poet?


There may be a ghost told by the poet’s brother.

Question 6:

Why is the window dusty?


Because the shed has not been used by anyone for a long time. Hence it has become the abode of dust.

The poem the shed Extract 2

Directions (Q. Nos. 1-6) Read the quotation given below and answer the following questions.

“My brother lies

Shed for his lair.

Nobody is hungry or

Is making strange noises.

And the spider has gone from its web

Since I do not know when.

I will go to that shed soon,

but not yet. “

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Question 1:

Why does the speaker’s brother lie to him?

(a) He wants to mislead the speaker

(B) He wants to use the shed completely

(c) He wants to sell the shed

(d) He is afraid of ghosts


(B) He wants to make full use of the shed.

Question 2:

“Because I don’t know when” suggests …

(A) passage of time

(b) The spider is killed by a ghost

(c) Chairman is a foolish person

(d) Brother is being called a liar


(A) passage of time

Question 3:

Who wants to go to the shed as soon as possible?

(a) Speaker

(b) Speaker’s brother

(c) Ghost

(D) Dog.


(a) Speaker

Extra Questions Answer

Question 4:

Why does the speaker say “no person is staring or making strange noises”?


The speaker has understood that his brother was lying to him to keep him from making excuses.

Lesson-2 A Gift of Chappals

Question 5:

Recognize the line often repeated in the poem.


“I’ll go to that shed one day soon.”

Question 6:

What does this say about the speaker?


The passage indicates a mature: understanding that the speaker has attained.



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