Quality NCERT Solutions Class 7 Lesson 5


Quality NCERT Solutions Class 7 English – Lesson 5

Working with text Quality

Answer the following questions.

Question 1. What was the author’s opinion about Mr. Gessler as a bootmaker?

Answer: The author was highly influenced by Mr. Gessler’s work as a bootmaker. Shoes made by Mr. Gessler used to be an exceptional fit. They were made on order only and included the best material. They lasted so long.


Question 2. Why did the author come to the shop so infrequently?

Answer: The writer visited the shop so often because the shoes made by Mr. Gesler lasted a long time.

Question 3. What effect did the author’s comment about a pair of shoes have on Mr. Gessler?

Answer: Upon hearing the author’s comment about a certain pair of shoes, Mr. Gessler stared at the writer for some time as if he was expected to withdraw his words. He then states that perhaps the writer had wet him. He asked the author to either bill for repairing the shoes or adjust the price of the shoes.

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Question 4. What was Mr. Gessler’s complaint against “big firms”?

Answer: Mr. Gessler complained that large firms are making money through advertisements to attract customers. They were earning not because of the quality of their work but because of marketing. And, because of them, small shops suffered a loss of customers.

Question 5. Why did the author order so many pairs of shoes? Did he really need them?

Answer: No, the writer did not really need such shoes. He ordered many of them because he wanted to help the bootmaker financially.

Quality Questions and Answers

Working with language Quality

Questions 1. Study the following phrases and their meanings. Use them appropriately to complete those sentences.

Take care: take care

See below: Rejected or regarded as the following

See (on someone): Make a short visit

In check:

lookout: be careful

Lookup: Correction

To see: Praise

Questions and Answer Quality :

(i) After a really long spell of warmth, the climate is looking up finally.

(ii) We don’t have any proper to look down on individuals who do small jobs.

(iii) Nitin has all the time looked up to his uncle, who’s a self-made man.

(iv) The police are looking into the matter completely.

(v) If you wish to exit, I’ll look after the children for you.

(vi) I promise to look in in your brother after I go to Lucknow subsequent.

(vi) Look out if you end up crossing the primary highway.

Short summary of chapter 5 Quality class 7

Gessler Brothers and the Art of Boot Making the writer had known Thanedar for many years as he made shoes for his father. Mr. Gesler was a Thanedar who lived in his shop in London with his elder brother. There is no trace other than the name of Gessler Brothers in the shop.

He used to make shoes on order. Once, the writer wrote to Mr. Kutsch Gesler about whether he was not suited to the shoes for which he was suitable. The man responded with a heavy German accent that it was an art.

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Mr. Gessler will be engrossed in his boot-making art most of the time and will not interact much with his customers. He praised every material he worked with.

The shoes made by the Gessler brothers were of supreme quality and lasted a very long time. But on one occasion, the writer had a different experience. He complained to Mr. Gessler. For this, the old man promised that he would repair the shoes and if he would not return the money to the writer.

Gessler Brothers and the Art of Boot Making

Nir Gessler’s grief and hard times are her life on one occasion when the order of shoes was placed, the writer was slightly absent. He was wearing a pair of shoes purchased from a big shop in an emergency. Mr. Gessler looked intently and pressed to the point where the left boot was not comfortable. With a sad face, he comments that it hurts customers but large companies still have no self-esteem.

They entice customers with their advertisements and not their works. Because of this, Mr. Gessler was losing business. The author has heard such things from Mr. Gesler for the first time, he feels offended and immediately asks for several pairs of shoes.

After several months he again visited his shop, but this time he considered Mr. Gessler to be his elder brother. After a while, he realizes his mistake and realizes that the elder brother has passed away.

He again ordered several pairs of shoes and shortly after he left for overseas. After returning, he again went to his favorite boot shop. This time Mr. Gessler looked older this time, only a year had passed but his face looked as if he had completed the journey of a decade.

End of the artist but with a bitter truth

Mr. Gessler failed to recognize the author. The writer gave his orders as usual and this time the shoes were better than before. One evening the author personally thanked Mr. Gesler for such a brilliant work. But the nameplate was missing from the shop. He found an Englishman inside.

The man tells him that Mr. Gessler has passed away and they have occupied the shop. The man further revealed that Mr. Gessler had died of hunger.

All the man-made shoes themselves, he never let anyone else touch them. Used the finest quality leather and worked day and night to complete orders on time. He made the finest shoes in London with the finest leather, yet he lost the competition. All the earned went into paying shop rent and buying leakers. He halted working hours for each pair of shoes.

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