A Gift of Chappals

A Gift Of Chappals

A Gift of Chappals                   Vasantha Surya A Gift Of Chappals Questions Answer Q.1. what’s the secret that Meena shares with Mridu in the backyard? Answer- Meena exhibits Mridu a kitten she and Ravi discovered exterior their gate within the morning. They had secretly saved him of …

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NCERT The Squirrel Poem

the squirrel poem

The Squirrel Poem You may have seen a squirrel sitting on the ground eating and nut. The Squirrel Poem. What did it look like? Here is a poet’s description of just such a squirrel. an overcoat of gray, he set up straight to eat a nut. He liked to tease and play, and if we …

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NCERT Three Questions Class 7th solutions

NCERT three questions class 7th

THREE QUESTIONS CLASS 7th (Leo Tolstoy) Three questions Class 7th. A King has three questions and he is seeking answers to them. What are the questions? Does the king get what he wants? Three questions class 7th INTEXT QUESTIONS Three Questions Class 7th COMPREHENSION CHECK Three questions class 7th Q.1. Why did the king want …

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