NCERT Three Questions Class 7th solutions


(Leo Tolstoy)

Three questions Class 7th. A King has three questions and he is seeking answers to them. What are the questions? Does the king get what he wants? Three questions class 7th

INTEXT QUESTIONS Three Questions Class 7th

COMPREHENSION CHECK Three questions class 7th

Q.1. Why did the king want to know the answers to three questions?

Answer­-  the king wanted to know answers to three questions because he didn’t want to fail in his life in any affair.

Q.2. Messenger verse and throughout the kingdom.

Answer- to announce a reward for those who could answer the questions.

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Complete the following sentences by adding the appropriate parts of the sentences given in the box. Three Questions Class 7th.

but the bleeding would not stop.

to answer three questions.

but their answers were so varied that the king was not satisfied.

and follow it strictly.

to help the king act at the right time.

Ans. 1. Many wise men answered the king’s questions, but their answers were so varied that the king was not satisfied.

2. Someone suggested that there should be a council of wise men to help the king act at the right time.

3. Someone else suggested that the king should have a timetable and follow it strictly.

4. The king requested the hermit to answer three questions.

5. The king washed and dressed the bearded men’s wounds, but the bleeding would not stop.


Textual questions three questions class 7th

working with the text Three questions class 7

Answer the following questions Three Questions Class 7th:

Q. 1. Why was the king advised to go to the magicians?

Answer-Some people suggested that the king needed to take the help of magicians who would be able to look into the future and warn him about urgent work that might suddenly come up and thus would help him decide what is the best time to begin something.

Q. 2. In answer to the second question, whose advice did the people say would be important to the king?

Answer-Some suggested that the best people to advise the king would be his councilors. Others said that doctors would be better, while some felt that priests would be very important. Some others felt that the most important people would-be soldiers. serving the country.

Q. 3. What suggestions were made in answer to the third question?

Answer-It was suggested by some that the king should choose science. Some others chose to fight, and then some others chose religious worship. In answer to the third question

Q. 4. Did the wise men win the reward? if not, why not?

Answer-The king was not completely satisfied with any of the answers given by the wise men. so he didn’t give the reward to anyone.


Three questions class 7 questions and answers

Q. 5. How did the king and the hermit help the wounded man?

Answer-The king washed the wounded of the injured man with water and covered it with a handkerchief. when the man felt better, he asked for something to drink. the king gave him some clean water.  after this, he took hermit’s help to carry the wounded man inside the hermit’s hut and laid him on the bed where he fell asleep.

Q. 6. (1) who was the bearded man?

Answer-The bearded man was an old enemy of the king. the king had killed the bearded man’s brother and taken away his property. the bearded man swore to kill the king so he came to the forest to take revenge.

(2) why did he ask for the king’s forgiveness?

Answer-He was touched by the fact that he had come to kill the king, but the king had shown such kindness towards a stranger even without knowing him. He tried really hard to save his life. that’s why the bearded man asked the king for forgiveness.

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Q. 7. The king forgave the bearded man. what did he do to show his forgiveness?

Answer-The king not only forgave him but also said that he would send his own servants and doctor to look after the man to help him recover. as an act of forgiveness, the king also promised to return all his property and land.


Three questions class 7th

Q. 8. What were the hermit’s answers to the three questions? write each answer separately. which answer do you like the most, and why?

Answer-The three answers given by the hermit were: three questions class 7th 

(a) the best time to do anything is Now because none of us know what will happen in the future. we can only control our actions today, that is why this is the most important time to act.

(b) the most necessary person is the one with whom we are at present moment, for we do not know what will happen to us in the future or if we will have time to meet someone else or not.

(3) our most important business is to do good to the person we are with at the present moment because we are sent by God to help that person at that very moment only.

Although all the three answers are very good and teach us the importance of time and of being good human beings, I think the best answer is (a) for it teachers us the value of living in the present. we are not sure about what will happen to us in the future so it is best to enjoy our present and make each present moment memorable.


Three questions class 7 extra questions 

Q.1. What should the king avoid?

Answer- the king should avoid foolish pleasures.

Q.2. How could the king do everything at its proper time?

Answer- by preparing a timetable and following it strictly he could do that.

Q.3. what can magicians do?

Answer- magicians can look into the future.

Q.4. what were the king’s second questions?

Answer- which people should he listen to? it was the second question.

Q.5. which people were chosen by a few others?

Answer- Few other people chose doctors.

Q.6. how many types of people were suggested?

Answer- four types of people were suggested.

Q.7. why did the king give no reward?

Answer- The king did not offer any reward because the king was not satisfied with them because his answer was different.

Q.8. when did the king leave his horse and bodyguard?

Answer- the king left his horse and bodyguard before he reached the hermit’s hut.

Q.9. what did the king do to stop bleeding?

Answer- the king re-dressed his wounds till the bleeding stopped.

Q.10. give opposites of punishment

Answer- reward


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