NCERT Solutions of Class 7 English Honeycomb

NCERT Solutions of Class 7 English

NCERT Solutions of Class 7 English Honeycomb. The most comprehensive and correct NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English, which includes answers to all the questions in the textbook Honeycomb, is provided in the NCERT BOOKS PDF SOLUTIONS. These solutions have been carefully designed by our subject teacher to give you the most standard solution.

This is a competitive age. Therefore, students need to prepare themselves in the best way. For students, the challenge is “examination“. To help you in this, we are providing you the most reliable NCERT solution for class 7 so that you can succeed in your exam.

English is a very interesting subject. Not only this, but English is also a language connecting the world. It is very important to study and practice. Learners enjoy studying this subject. Here, we have provided you the well-structured NCERT solutions for class 7. These solutions will help you understand how you should prepare them to get good marks.

You can download these solutions in PDF format for free through the link given below and enjoy learning anytime, anywhere.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Prose With Solutions

1st Lesson –  Three Questions

2nd Lesson –  A Gift of Chappals

3rd Lesson –  Gopal and the Hilsa Fish

4th Lesson –  The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom

5th Lesson –  Quality

6th Lesson –  Expert Detectives

7th Lesson –  The Inventions of Vita Wonk

8th Lesson –  Fire Friend and Foe

9th Lesson –  A Bicycle in Good Repair

10th Lesson –  The Story of Cricket

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Poem With Solutions

1st Lesson poem –  The Squirrel

2nd Lesson poem –  The Rebel

3rd Lesson poem  –  The Shed

4th Lesson poem –  Chivvy

5th Lesson poem –  Trees

6th Lesson poem –  Mystery of the Talking Fan

7th Lesson poem –  Dad and the Cat and the Tree

8th Lesson poem –  MeadownSurprises

9th Lesson poem –  Garden Snake

Three Questions

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 1. A king got the idea that if he knows three things, he will never fail. These were three things: what is the right time to start something? who should Does he listen What is the most important thing for him to do?
Therefore, the king sent messengers throughout his kingdom, promising to give a large sum of money to the one who answered these three questions.

Many intelligent people came to the king, but they all answered his questions differently. In response to the first question, some people said that the king should prepare a timetable and then strictly follow it. Only in this way, he said, can he do everything at his proper time. Others said that it was impossible to decide in advance the exact time to do something.

The king should pay attention to what was happening, avoid foolish pleasures and always do what he deems necessary at that time. Still, others said that a council of intelligent men was needed to help the king act at the appropriate time. This was because it would be impossible for one person to make the right decision at the right time for each task without the help of others. Read More.

A Gift of chappals

NCERT Solutions of Class 7 English. Rukku Mani opened the door smiling. Ravi and Meena run away and Ravi drags Mridu into the house. “Wait, let me take off my slippers,” Mridu protested. He set them up neatly near the big black couple. They were gray, in fact, with dust. You could see a clear mark of each toe in front of each sandal. Two big toe marks were long and sloppy.

Mridu did not have much time to think about whose slippers they were, as Ravi dragged him to the backyard behind a thick bitter bush. There, inside a torn football, filled with sacks and filled with sand, was a very small kitten, extracting milk from half a shell of a coconut. “We found him outside the gate this morning.

Gopal and the Hilsa Fish

NCERT Solutions of Class 7 English. Have you ever read a comic book? The comic book contains stories told primarily through parables such as Gopal and Hilsa-Fish.

The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom

NCERT Solutions of Class 7 English. In the good old days of Daimyo, there lived an old couple whose only pet was a small dog. Having no children, they loved it as if it were a child. The old dame made it a pillow of blue crepe, and at mealtime Muko – for whom it was named – would sit on it like any cat. The kind pet fed the fish bird with his chopstick and boiled rice as he wished.

Treated thus, the dumb creature loved his patrons with a soul. The old man, being a rice farmer, used to take a hoe or a hoe to the fields every day, working hard from dawn to the sun behind the hills.

NCERT Solutions of Class 7 English. Every day the dog followed him to work, never harming the white heron that followed in the old man’s footsteps to pick up insects. Because the old man was patient and kind to everything that had a life and often became a pasture for the purpose of feeding birds.


NCERT Solutions of Class 7 English. I knew him since childhood because he made my father’s shoes. He lived in his shop with his elder brother, who was in a small street in a fashionable part of London. There was a definite quiet difference in the shop.

There was no mark on him other than the name of the Gessler Brothers and a few pairs of shoes in the window. He made only what he ordered, and what he made never fit. To make shoes – like he made shoes – I still felt, and I still felt mysterious and amazing.

Expert Detectives

NCERT Solutions of Class 7 English. As we walked back to the clinic, Seven said, “He looks nothing like a demon, Maya. But have you noticed how skinny he is? Maybe he’s too poor and can’t afford to eat. “If he is a fugitive crook he can’t be poor,” I told him. “He probably kept millions of rupees somewhere in that room.”

“Do you really think he is a criminal, Maya? He doesn’t. Look like one, “Nishad got suspicious.” Of course, he is one, seven, “I said,” and he was definitely hungry. Didn’t Mr. Mehta tell us that Ramesh brings his food down from the restaurant?

The Inventions of Vita Wonk

Mr. Willie Wonka started by inventing the Wonkwhite, which makes people younger. But Wonkawhite is very strong. So some people disappear as soon as they reach the minus age! A person actually turns seventy-seven years old, which means that he or she will have to wait twenty-seven years to return. Mr. Willy Wonka must invent a new thing…

NCERT Solutions of Class 7 English. Mr. Wonka said, “So once again I roll up my sleeves and get to work. Once again I squeeze my mind, looking for new dishes … I had to age … people. To make old. ” … old, old, old … ‘ha-ha!’ I cried, thoughts started coming for now. ‘What is the oldest living thing in the world? Does it live longer than anything else?

Fire Friend and Foe

At first, the man did not know what a fire is, but he must have seen what damage it could cause. He must have seen lightning and volcanoes himself long before he started using fire.

The fire was powerful and dangerous, and he was afraid. The fire may have shaken the first man, but now we know that the fire is the result of a chemical reaction. NCERT Solutions of Class 7 English. When oxygen in the air combines with carbon and hydrogen in the fuel, a chemical reaction occurs. In this process, energy is released in the form of heat and light. This is what we call fire.

Three things are needed to make a fire – fuel, oxygen, and heat. Wood, coal, LPG, and petrol are some examples of fuel. Oxygen comes from the air. So when you blow on a smoldering paper, it often turns into flames.

The third thing required to put out a fire is heat. Fuel and oxygen do not set themselves on fire, or else a stick in the newspaper or in the open catches fire on its own.

A Bicycle in Good Repair

NCERT Solutions of Class 7 English. Man, I knew that one evening we propose that we should go on a long cycle ride together the next day, and I agreed. I found it early for myself; I made an effort and was pleased with myself. He came half an hour late; I was waiting in the garden. It was a lovely day.

He said, “This is your good-looking machine. How does it work?” “Oh, like most of them!” I answered; “Simplicity is enough in the morning, a little difficult” Lunch. “He grabbed her with the front wheel and fork and shook it vigorously.

The Story of Cricket

NCERT Solutions of Class 7 English. Cricket evolved from many stick-and-ball games played in England 500 years ago. The word ‘bat’ is an old English word that directly means stick or club. By the seventeenth century, cricket had developed enough to be recognized as a separate sport.

By the middle of the eighteenth century, bats were roughly the same size as a hockey stick, which turned outward at the bottom. There was a simple reason for this: the ball was thrown into the underarm, along the ground, and the curve at the end of the bat gave the batsman the best chance of making contact.

A feature of cricket is that a Test match can last for five days and still end in a draw. No other modern team also takes half the time to complete the game.

A football match usually ends in one and a half hours. Even baseball completes nine innings in less than half the time it takes to play limited-overs matches, a shorter version of modern cricket! NCERT Solutions of Class 7 English.


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