Mystery of the talking fan

Mystery of the talking fan

NCERT Solutions Class 7th English – Lesson 6 Mystery of the talking fan

Working with poetry Mystery of the talking fan

Mystery of the talking fan question answer

Questions 1. Fans do not talk, but it is possible to imagine that they do. Then, how does it feel to talk about a fan?

Answer: The noise generated by a low-oil fan motor sounds like a fan’s thunder.

Question 2: Complete the following sentences.

(i) chattering is electric because _________.

(ii) It is mysterious because ____________________.


(i) The chatter is electric because the noise is being generated by the fan’s electric motor.

(ii) It is mysterious because we do not understand what the fan is saying.

Question 3: What do you think the talking fan was asking for?

Answer: The talking fan was asking for some oil. It was attracting the attention of householders for pouring oil into the motors. He fell silent as soon as he applied oil.

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Question 4: How does the electric fan throw so much air when it is turned on?

Answer: An electric fan manages to throw so much air when it is turned on because it has an electric motor that rotates and rotates the fan’s three blades at a certain speed.

Question 5: Do you have a ‘talking fan’ in your house? Create a dialogue between the fan and the mechanic.


Mechanic: Hey! I just realized that you are a talking fan.

Fan: Thank goodness! Yes, the thing I’m talking about is that people don’t listen.

Mechanic: Okay, so tell me. What is the matter?

Fan: I want to apply some oil. My motor is struggling to spin.

Mechanic: Oh. I will put oil in the motor now.

Fan: Thank you very much!

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Mystery of the talking fan summary

The central idea of the poem mystery of the talking fan

References The above lines are taken from Maud Rubin’s poem Mystery of the Talking Fan.
The theme poet, in these lines, closely observes the motion of the ceiling fan, calling its noise chattering.
Interpretation The poem begins with the fan’s personality, imparting human qualities such as the ability to talk and chatter. The poet calls the noise of the fan a thunder of lightning. The poet is unable to understand what it really means and before the poet is able to understand the mystery, someone applies motor oil on it. Ever since it worked so smoothly that no noise was heard. The talking fan fell silent.

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