Meadow Surprises Poem

Meadow Surprises Poem

We are providing you the most accurate and detailed NCERT solution for Poem Meadow Surprise, Class 7 English Lesson 8, which includes all the questions in the textbook Honeycomb. Meadow Surprises Poem. The meadow is filled with velvet grass. Meadow Surprises. There is velvet grass, drinking straws, meadow houses, an amazing mound, fuzzy head.

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NCERT Solutions Class 7 English – Lesson 8 Poem Meadow Surprises.

Meadow Surprises

Meadow Surprises poem questions answers

Working with poetry

Question 1. Read the lines that contain the following phrases. Then discuss with your partner the meaning of each phrase in its context.

(i) Velvet grass

(ii) drinking straw

(iii) Grassland houses

(iv) Wonderful mound

(v) Fuzzy head


(i) Velvet grass indicates that the grass is soft like velvet.

(ii) Drinking straws means that butterflies drinking nectar from flowers feel as if they are drinking from a straw.

(iii) Grasslands refer to rabbit houses i.e. bills, ants houses i.e. anthill and nests.

(iv) Wonderful mound means mounds built for residence by ants.

(v) The withered head indicates the dandelion flowers which now float in the air when we blow it.

Question 2: Which line of the poem says that to enjoy the meadow you need a keen eye and a sharp ear? Read aloud the verse that contains this line.

Answer: The line that states that to enjoy the meadow you need a keen eye and a sharp ear:

“If you look and listen well you can find them yourself.”

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Question 3: Find pictures of the types of birds, insects, and scenes mentioned in the poem.

Answer: Do it yourself.

Question 4: Look at a tree or plant at the same time every day for a week, or take a walk in a field or park. Keep a diary of what you see and hear. At the end of the week, write a short paragraph or poem about your experiences. Put your writing on the class bulletin board.

Answer: Do it yourself.

Question 5: Read the following poem about the world of nature, which is busy like the world of man.

Busy world

Bees buzz, frogs jump,

Mole is digging. Stop no further

Rolling, grass growing,

Birds fly, winds blow

The buds swell. The bees are humming,

The rays of the sun are dancing, the drops of rain are playing drums.

The whole world is spinning, dizzy,

Summer is very busy!

Answer: Do it yourself.

Meadow Surprises extra questions

1. What do you think about grasslands?

Answer. Meadows has many surprises to offer as the joy of Brooke’s voice and the feeling of soft velvet grass.

2. Why do we enjoy walking in the grasslands?

Answer. It is a pleasure to walk in the grasslands because its grass is soft like velvet which gives you a pleasant feeling to walk.

3. What does the poet call ‘Buttercup’? Why?

Answer. The poet figuratively uses the word ‘buttercup’ for flowers and buds. Poets call them so because they offer lots of sweet nectar to sip butterflies.

4. What would the poet have called the ‘drinking straws’?

(A) Plastic pipe for drinking juice

(B) twigs of trees in bushes

(C) insect trunk

(D) The straw that the poet takes with him to drink the river water.

Answer. (C) The proboscis of insects.

5. What is the poet called ‘meadow’?

Answer. The poet has called the house of birds, the nest under the long grass, the house of rabbits, the hole in the ground, and the mound of ants, the poet has called the ‘house of grass’.

6. What is amazing about ant mounds?

Answer. Ant mounds are made of such soft soil that it is very difficult to pile up like ants. They work very hard to make their home.

7. What miracles would the poet be referring to in these verses?

Answer. The poet talks about the wonder of the beauty of nature, such as the wonderful chirping sounds of birds and the humming of bees and insects. He talks of soft velvet grass and beautiful greenery all around.



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