Garden snake Poem

Garden snake

NCERT Solutions Class 7 English – Lesson 9 Poem Garden snake.

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Garden Snake is a short poem where the author expresses his fear of snakes. But then he also tells us how he is not afraid of the snake of the garden. It shows the innocence of a child’s mind.

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Garden snake

NCERT Solutions Class 7 English – Lesson 9 Poem Garden snake

Working with poetry

Questions 1. Answer the following questions:

(i) Pick out the line that suggests that the child is afraid of snakes.

(ii) Which line represents the complete change in attitude towards the snakes of the child? read it aloud.

(iii) “But the mother says that is good …” What is the mother saying?

Answer: (i) The line which states that the child is afraid of snakes:

“I saw a snake and ran …”

(ii) The line showing the complete change in the child’s attitude towards the snake is:

“Attack, stand aside and look at him”

(iii) Mother is referring to the “snake of the garden”.

Question 2: Find the word that represents the movement of the snake in the grass.

Answer: “Wiggles” is a term that refers to the movement of a snake in the grass.

Question 3: There are four pairs of rhyming words in the poem. Say them out loud

Answer: There are four pairs of rhyming words in the poem:

Say away

good food

Grass pass

Wrong snake

Read Also

Question 4: The snake does not have legs or feet, but it moves very fast. Can you guess how? Discuss in a group.

Answer: A snake moves and fixes how fast it moves, although it does not have legs or feet.

Question 5: Do you remember the word used for the snake’s long pointed teeth? Where did you first get this word?

Answer: The word used for the snake’s long pointed teeth is “spiked”. I heard the word while watching Discovery Channel.

Garden snake poem class 7 summary

The poem, ‘Garden Snake’ is a simplified description of a harmless snake. The short-haired storyteller meets a snake in the garden and runs away from it in fear. However, his mother tells him that certain types of snakes are not dangerous. They feed only on insects. After this, the little child storyteller loses his fear and begins to see the snake passing through the garden.

Stanza Explanation


I saw a snake and ran away….

It is said that some snakes are dangerous;

But mother says kindness is good,

And eats insects for its food.

So when he wiggles in the grass

I will stand aside and watch him pass,

And say to yourself, “There is no mistake,

This is just a harmless garden snake!”

Reference – These lines have been taken from the poem ‘snake garden’ composed by Muriel L. Sonne.

Context– The poet describes how the child’s fear is overcome and he is able to see the snake happily.

Explanation – The young child narrator sees a snake and finds the snake dangerous and runs away. However, her mother tells her that certain types of snakes are good rather than dangerous. They eat nothing but insects. After this, the narrator is no longer afraid and stands aside and sees the snake swinging in the grass. Every time the narrator sees a garden snake, he reminds himself that there is nothing wrong with it because it is just a “harmless garden snake”.

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