Expert Detectives Class 7

Expert Detectives Class 7

Expert Detectives Class 7 NCERT Solutions Class 7 English – Lesson 6

Comprehension check Expert Detectives Class 7

Expert detectives Class 7 Question Answer

Answer the following questions Expert Detectives Class 7:

Question 1. What did Nishad give to Mr. Nath? Why?

Answer- Nishad gave Shri Nath a chocolate bar. He did this due to the thin appearance of Shri Nath, which shows that he was dying of hunger.

Question 2. What is “strange” about Mr. Nath’s Sunday?

Answer-The strange thing on the Sunday of North Sri Nath is that there was a special visitor who used to come every Sunday and the two had lunch together.

Question 3: Why did Nishad and Maya get a holiday?

Answer-Uttara Nishad and Maya were discharged due to bad weather. It was raining heavily and the streets of the city were flooded with rain.

Class 7 English expert detectives question answer

Expert Detectives Class 7 Working with text

Answer the following questions. Expert Detectives Class 7.

Question 1. What does Nishad learn from Shri Nath about Ramesh?

Organize the information suggested below.

  • what do they eat
  • when he eats
  • What does he drink, and then
  • how does he pay

Answer: Nishad received the following information about Shri Nath from Ramesh:

  • He is not very specific about what he eats. And he eats two Rotis, lentils, and a vegetable.
  • He dines in the morning and evening.
  • Next
  • He drinks two cups of tea, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • He pays cash and also gives suggestions to Ramesh.

Question 2. Why does Maya consider Shri Nath a crook? Does she say who is the Sunday visitor?

Answer Maya thinks that Mr. Nath is a crook as he has no friends even after spending more than a year. Furthermore, he does not talk to anyone and they have no visitors at any time except for a visitor who visits him on Sunday.

She says that Sunday’s visitor is his partner in crime and goes to give him part of the money on Sunday.

Question 3. Does Nishad agree with Maya about Shri Nath? How does he feel about her?

Answer: No, Nishad does not agree with Maya about Shri Nath. He thinks that Mr. Nath is a lonely and poor man who is starving. He thinks that Mr. Nath is a kind man who gives tips to Ramesh despite having very little money for himself.

Expert detectives Class 7th

Working with language Expert Detectives Class 7

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Question 1. The word ‘Tip’ has only three letters but has many meanings.

Match the word given below with its meaning.

(i) fingers – say something

(ii) Tip of your nose – turn the boat over

(iii) Tip the water out of the bucket – the ends of one’s fingers

(iv) There is something on the tip of your tongue – give him one rupee to thank him

(v) Tip the boat upwards – empty the bucket by tilting

(vi) Give him the tip of one rupee – the pointed end of his nose

(vii) tip of the bat – if you take this advice

(viii) Police were informed – Bat lightly touched the ball

(ix) If you take the end of my bat

(x) Bat bowed the ball – Police were told or warned


(i) Fingers – the ends of one’s fingers

(ii) the tip of your nose – the pointed end of your nose

(iii) Drain the water from the bucket – tilt and empty the bucket

(iv) There is something on the tip of your tongue – you are going to say something

(v) Tilt the boat upward – turn the boat upside down

(vi) Give him one rupee tip – give him one rupee to thank him

(vii) tip of bat – end of bat end

(viii) Police reported – Police told, or warned

(ix) If you take my advice – If you take this advice

(x) bat bends the ball-bat touches the ball lightly

Expert detective Questions

Question 2: The words helper, companion, partner, and one partner have very similar meanings, but each word is commonly used in some phrases. Can you fill in the blanks with the most commonly used words? A dictionary can help you.


(i) business partner

(ii) my companion on the journey

(iii) I am mother’s little helper

(iv) a faithful companion such as a dog

(v) the thief’s accomplice

(vi) find a good helper

(vii) tennis/ golf / bridge partner

(viii) his accomplice in his criminal activities

Speaking Expert Detectives Class 7 

Question 1. Play spies with each other. Find someone to talk to (or any other acquaintance) in your class. Know the answers to the questions given below. Be careful to ask your questions in a polite and objectionable manner. Do not force that person to answer you. Then let that person ask you the same question.

(i) my name?

(ii) Which newspapers or magazines does the person read?

(iii) How long has the person been living at the present address?

(iv) What does she do in the day ie daily routine?

(v) What do neighbors and friends say about that person?

(vi) Who are his visitors and what are his eating habits? (You can ask some other people about this.)

(vii) What do you think about that person?

Answer: Do it yourself.

Expert Detectives Class 7 Writing

Expert detectives

Question 1. Who do you think is Mr. Nath? Write one or two paragraphs about it.

Answer: I think Mr. Nath is an ordinary man who is probably not eating properly. He may be introverted, so he does not have friends and visitors. And he can enjoy being alone more than in the company of many others.

He is very thin because he does not eat properly. He is also not particular about the food he eats. All he needs is two chapattis, lentils, and a vegetable. He seeks advice from Nishad’s mother, who is a doctor. This means that he has a disease. This may be another reason why he prefers to be alone.

He also has bruises on his face, which makes people think of him as a crook. However, the bruises can be caused by an accident. Every Sunday the visitor can be a member of the family who comes to ensure that Mr. Nath is healthy.

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Expert Detectives Class 7. Question 2. What do you think Nishad and Maya would know about him? how? Will they ever be friends? Think about these questions and write one or two paragraphs to continue the story.

Answer: I think Nishad and Maya will come to know that Mr. Nath is a good person but introverted. They may also find that Mr. Nath is working from home as his health is not well. This is why he likes to stay at home and is not a visitor.

They can become friends later, especially Nishad can be a good friend to him because he was on her side from the beginning. Maya regrets being suspected of being her culprit.

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