Dad and the Cat and the Tree

Dad and the Cat and the Tree

Dad and the Cat and the Tree NCERT Solutions Class 7 English – Lesson 7 Poem

Working with poetry Dad and the Cat and the Tree

Question 1. Why did the father believe that he would not fall?

Answer: Dad was sure that he would not fall because he thought he was a great climber.

Question 2: Which phrase best expresses the father’s faith in the poem?

Answer: There is a phrase in the poem that best expresses the faith of the father:

“For a climber like me, it’s as easy as blinking an eyelid.”

Question 3: Describe Plan A and its results.

Answer: Plan A was to climb the tree with the help of a ladder. However, the ladder slipped and the father fell to the ground.

Question 4: Plan C was successful. What went wrong then?

Answer: Plan C was successful. Dad reached the place where the cat was trapped. But, as soon as he got there, the cat jumped and came to the ground.

Dad and the Cat and the Tree question answer

Question 5: The cat was very happy after coming to the ground. Select the phrase used to express this idea.

Answer: The phrase that expresses the idea that ‘the cat was very happy to be on the ground’ is:

“Smiling and smiling”.

Question 6: Describe the position of Kat and Dad at the beginning and end of the poem.

Answer: Initially the cat was clinging to the tree and Papa was watching it from the ground. Finally, Dad gets stuck on the tree and the cat falls to the ground.

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Question 7: Why and when did Dad say each of the following?

(i) fell?

(ii) Nevermind

(iii) funny joke

(iv) nonsense

Answer: (i) Fall ?: As his wife warns him against falling, Dad says “Fall?”, Showing an expression of confidence that a climber like him can never fall.

(ii) No problem: As soon as the father fell from the tree, he cleaned the dirt from his clothes and said “No problem”.

(iii) Funny Joke: As his wife warns him again, he again calls it a “fun joke” that claims his climbing skills.

(iv) Nonsense: Dad said this because he was warned again by his wife when he too fell after trying Plan B.

Dad and the Cat and the Tree

Question 8: Do you find this poem funny? Read the lines that make you laugh.

Answer: Yes, the poem is laughable. The lines that made me laugh are:

“Then he bowed himself”

On a branch. it broke.”

“Cat screamed”

And fell to the ground, “

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