A Gift of Chappals

A Gift of Chappals

                  Vasantha Surya

A Gift Of Chappals Questions Answer

Q.1. what’s the secret that Meena shares with Mridu in the backyard?

Answer- Meena exhibits Mridu a kitten she and Ravi discovered exterior their gate within the morning. They had secretly saved him of their yard as their paati (grandmother) did not like cats.

Q.2. how does Ravi get milk for the kitten?

Answer- Ravi will get milk from the kitchen and whereas he was taking milk, his grandmother caught him. He drinks half of the milk and saves some milk in a coconut shell. He washes the glass himself and puts it in the back within the kitchen.

A Gift Of Chappals Questions Answer

Q.3. who does he say the kitten’s ancestors are? Do you believe him?

Answer- According to Ravi, the kitten’s ancestors are Mahabalipuram Rashi-Cat and the Egyptian Cat-Goddess Baste No, we don’t believe him.

Q.4. Ravi has a lot to say about M.P. Poonai. This show that-

he’s merely trying to impress Mridu.

his knowledge of history is sound.

he has a rich imagination.

he’s a clever child.

Which of these statements do you agree/ disagree with?

Answer- We comply with

(1) he’s merely trying to impress Mridu.

(2) he has a rich imagination.

Q.5. what was the noise that started Mridu and frightened Mahendran?

Answer- it was reaching sound that started Mridu and frightened Mahendran. It was really Lalli studying to play the violin.

Comprehension Check A Gift Of Chappals

Q.1. The music master is making beautiful music. Read aloud the sentences within the text that expresses this idea.

Answer- “The music-masters notes seemed to float up and settle perfectly into the invisible tracks of the melody. It was like the wheels of a trained fitting smoothly into rails and whizzing along.”

Q.2. Had the beggar come to Rukku Manni’s house for the first time? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer- No, the beggar had not come to Rukku Manni’s home for the primary time. We get to know this when paati stated to Tapi, ” He has been coming here every day for the past week, and it is time he found another house to beg from!”

Q.3. ” A sharp V-shaped line had formed between her eyebrows.” What does it recommend to you about Rukku Manni’s moods?

Answer-it means that Rukku Manni was angry.

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Q.4. ” Have you children………” She began, and then, seeing they were curiously quiet, went on more slowly, ” seen anyone lurking around the verandah?”

(1) what do you suppose Rukku Manni actually wished to ask.

Answer- I feel Rukku Manni actually wished to ask whether or not the kids had hidden the chappals.

(2) why did she change her query?

Answer- she modified her query when she has seen that the kids have been curiously quiet. She had realized that the kids have been already scared and a direct accusation would solely make them inform a lie.

(3) What did she suppose had occurred?

Answer- She thought both the kids had hidden or somebody had stolen the chappals.

A Gift Of Chappals Questions Answer

Q.5. On getting Gopu Mama’s chappals, the music teacher tried to not look too happy. Why?

Answer- The music grasp tried to not look too blissful as he didn’t wish to present his greed. Although he was blissful at coronary heart.

Q.6. On getting a gift of chappals, the beggar vanished in a minute. Why was he’s such a hurry to leave?

Answer- The beggar knew that the kids had not sought the permission of their elders. They had given him chappals on their very own. He had the concern that the elders may take the chappals again. So, he vanished in a minute.

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Q.7. Walking towards the kitchen with Mridu and Meena Rukku Manni began to laugh. What made her laugh?

Answer- Rukku Manni began to laugh because she was imagining the scene of how Gopu Mama, after coming residence within the evening, habitually would throw his shoes and socks and need to get into his slippers as quickly as possible. She puzzled what would he say after understanding that his chappals had been given to the music master.

A Gift Of Chappals Summary by Vasantha Surya

A Gift Of Chappals First parts summary

One afternoon, Mridu went to her aunt Rukku Manni’s home. She went there to satisfy her cousins Lalli, Ravi, and Meena. Ravi dragged her to the yard.

There inside a torn football lay a very small kitten, drinking milk. Meena stated they’d discovered the creature outdoors the gate that morning.

But it was saved secret. Amma had a concern that Paati would go away if she is aware of concerning the cat in the home. Ravi had succeeded by tact in getting a little bit of milk for the kitten. The kids named it Mahendran.

It was a superb breed of cat. Ravi gave an in-depth account of the cat’s household and family members. He stated the cat was the descendant of the Mahabalipuram Rishi-Cat. Meena and Mridu smiled at his cooked-up story.

Second Parts of Summary

The cat was frightened to listen to Ravi’s sound. He fled from his place. Lalli was studying to play the violin. She wasn’t doing properly, although the music master was trying his greatest to make her study.

A beggar got here at the gate. The mom informed Ravi to send him away. She was chatting with Tapi. The beggar’s voice irritated her. She complained that he was coming there on daily basis.

The beggar was already within the backyard. He had unfolded a chunk of cloth underneath the neem tree. He leaned towards the tree trunk, ready for the alms. Ravi advised him sternly to go away.

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The beggar sat up and sighed. He informed me that he would go away after taking some relaxation. The tar had melted on the hot street and his naked feet had received blisters. The kids acquired sympathy in the direction of him.

Summary third parts

Mridu requested Meena and Ravi if they’d acquired an outdated pair of slippers in the home. Ravi went to look. Mridu has seen a pair of chappals within the verandah. These had been shabby looking however sturdy.

He gave it to the outdated man to put on and requested him by no means once more to come back again. The beggar blessed the youngsters. He pushed his toes into the slippers and left in a rush.

A Gift Of Chappals Summary forth parts

The music-teacher looked for his chappals within the verandah. He stated his slippers had been model new and costly additionally. Rukku Manni got here there with Paati.

The music master’s eyes lit up with pleasure. He put them on and referred to as kids naughty monkeys. The mom didn’t like Ravi being referred to as a monkey.




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